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Issue #196: Privacy – Safe Surfing with Tails

This month you'll learn about Tails – the easiest path to the Tor anonymity network – and you'll discover some tools for private communication, including Signal and Bitmessage.

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Linux Pro Magazine #196 - Print Issue

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* KDE Connect – a cool tool for syncing your phone with the KDE desktop (page 48).
* Amazon Web Services – run your homegrown programs in Amazon's popular cloud (page 52).
LinuxVoice – Take a look at what's ahead for the Linux faithful in 2017 (page 63).

* Red Hat Linux releases RHEL 6.9 Beta
* SUSE working on a new operating system called MicroOS
* Critical security holes found in PHP 7
* New Android malware discovered
* Serious bug found in Ubuntu

Kernel News
* When to use a filesystem capability
* Cleaning out fbdev drivers
* Blocking hardware input events

Swimming with the Poets: An interview with Jim Zemlin.

Better Privacy with Tails
The Tails Live Linux distribution provides privacy-conscious users with easy access to the Tor network for anonymous surfing.

An Open Source Router Built for Security
Home routers are known for weak security. Turris Omnia is an attempt to build a better router through the power of open source.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal is an efficient private messenger app that encrypts voice and text messages, integrates easily into existing interfaces, and places all communications in a single display.

Inventory Software on Linux
As a network grows in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of hardware, software, licenses, and infrastructure. Inventory solutions can provide significant relief.

Charly's Column – SparkFun
For an attractive approach to visualizing boring measurement figures, you can either use your own web server or rely on a specialized service like SparkFun.

FOSS Social Networking
Forget email: Bitmessage harnesses the power of P2P for decentralized, trustless communications. Messages are virtually impossible to spoof or tap.

KDE Connect
KDE Connect bridges the gap between mobile devices and the KDE desktop, allowing the exchange of notifications, files, and URLs between devices.

Programming Snapshot – Amazon Web Services
When applications run in a cloud system on Amazon Web Services, operators can forget management worries and focus instead on the essence of the app.

Command Line – Package Management
When human error stumps the Debian package manager, familiar tools like aptget, aptitude, and dpkg can help restore functionality.

Static Galleries with Expose
Expose is an easy-to-use tool that offers a wide range of configurable options for publishing static photo and video galleries.

Linux Voice

Regardless of what you call “Linux,” you'll find something interesting in this issue.

2017 – The Best Year Ever for Linux
2016 was a wild ride, and 2017 promises to deliver even more FOSS goodness.

Doghouse – FOSS Cooperativism
FOSS cooperatives have a lot of power and flexibility that other business models lack.

Habeas Video
An opportunity missed for Free Software evangelists.

FAQ – CyanogenMod's Successor
CyanogenMod is dead. Long live Lineage.

Core Tech – IPv6 in Linux
IPv6 is the future of the Internet, and it promises many goodies. Discover what your Linux box can do about it today.

Radium 4.3.5, KWave 0.92, iBrew, PowerShell 6, hx, Oscilloscope 1.0.7, KDE Partition Manager 3, 0 A.D., and more.

Tutorial – lnav
See what's going on in the background of your Linux box by analyzing the logfiles.

Tutorial – Build the Linux Kernel
Get a super-customized Linux installation by configuring and compiling the kernel with just the features you need.

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