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Issue #197: Wayland & Mir – The Future of Linux Graphics

This month we show you why the X11 system that is the basis for Linux graphics might not be around much longer – and we explore a pair of alternatives that might replace it: Wayland and Mir.

On the DVD: Parsix GNU/ Linux (64-bit, Live) and Debian 8.7 Jessie (32-bit, Install)

Linux Magazine #197 - Print Issue

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* Web Traffic Tools: Use these free apps to optimize your search rank – without the privacy complications of working with Google (page 34).
* SSH Tricks: SSH is much more than a secure Telnet alternative (page 44).
* LinuxVoice – This month we look at process tracing, a study of some alternative free operating systems, and a tutorial on tiling window managers.

* openSUSE site hacked
* LibreOffice goes online with 5.3 release
* Hackers infected DC police cameras before Trump's inauguration
* Google open sources Chrome for iOS
* Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
* D-Wave announces 2,000-qubit system

Kernel News
* Increasing x86-64 max address space
* Securing ext4
* Stabilizing RCU
* ARM SPE support

Former Microsoft open source VP Wim Coekaerts.

Wayland and Mir
Wayland and Mir are two promising candidates for replacing the X Window system, which dates to the 1980s and still forms the basis of the Linux GUI.

New Features in digiKam 5
The freshly released digiKam 5 boasts a number of new features, brings many improvements, and ditches some legacy ballast.

Website Traffic Analysis Tools
If you are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics for studying web traffic data, you can choose from a few free alternatives. In this article, we look at Piwik, Open Web Analytics, and eAnalytics.

Qt Apps
Find out how to create a cross-platform app with the veteran tool Qt Creator.

SSH – Tips and Tricks
With SSH, you can send commands, route other TCP connections through an encrypted tunnel, and provide multiplexing support.

Charly – Airsensor
Measure the staleness of room air with USB hardware and Linux.

Command Line – bluetoothctl
The bluetoothctl command will keep your Bluetooth devices talking to Linux.

Data Visualization in Python
Python’s powerful Matplotlib, Bokeh, PyQtGraph, and Pandas libraries will help you visualize complex data.

DIY Python scripts run in containers on Amazon's Lambda service in this example of an AI program for motion analysis in video surveillance recordings.

Linux Voice

This month in Linux Voice.

Is the GPL Declining?
Copyleft in an age of permissiveness.

Celebrating Free Software
Even outsiders feel the benefits.

The World of Alternative OSs
We all love Linux, but many other free software operating systems are worth exploring.

Doghouse – Project Cauã
An update on Project Cauã, with a new focus on helping university students and small businesses.

FAQ – Mesa
Peek below the shiny interface of your machine and you’ll probably find Mesa in the engine room.

Core Tech – Process Tracing
What are processes currently doing on your system? Linux has a capable mechanism to answer your questions.

Calligra 3.0, SystemdGenie, Kaku 1.8.5, Alacritty 0.1, Standard Notes, Handbrake 1.0, Synfig Studio 1.2.0, Iridium, KeepPassXC 2.1.0, Voxeliens, and Wine 2.1.

Tutorial – Tinc
Block attackers from all your machines with a virtual mesh network.

Tutorial – WM Tiling
Regular window managers are so 2016 – install a tiling WM and work faster, smarter, and cooler.

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