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Issue #199: A New Approach to Regular Expressions – Regex meets natural English with Simple Regex Language

Tired of composing and deciphering those weird, inscrutable strings of characters known as regular expressions? This month we show you Simple Regex Language (SRL), an innovative tool that lets you create regular expressions using simple English commands.

On the DVD: CentOS Release 1611 (64-bit Install) and Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon (32-bit Live)

Linux Pro Magazine #199 - Print Issue

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* Systemd Graphic Tools – You don't need to be a command-line junkie to keep an eye on the systemd service manager. We show you some graphic front ends that offer a friendlier view.
* Amazon Echo's Alexa – This month's Programming Snapshot shows how you can teach the Alexa assistant that lives in your Amazon Echo some new tricks.
* LinuxVoice – You'll find more great articles including a practical lesson on network sniffers and a look at the free TensorFlow library for artificial intelligence applications.

* Microsoft is shutting down CodePlex
* Fedora 26 Alpha released
* Old Linux kernel bug discovered
* OpenSSH 7.5 released
* Ubuntu Touch not dead
* FBI refuses to release the tool used to hack terrorist's iPhone

Kernel News
* Peer-to-peer memory devices
* Adding a printk() kernel thread
* EOL for AVR32 architecture
* Making system calls reject unknown flags

Simple Regex Language
Regular expressions are a powerful tool, but they can also be very hard to digest. Simple Regex Language lets you write regular expressions in natural language.

Exploring the Min Web Browser
A simple design, efficient performance, and a built-in ad blocker warrant a closer look at this web browser built with the Electron framework.

Discreete Linux
Fly under the radar of hackers and data collectors with Discreete Linux.

Systemd Graphical Tools
Systemd has several tools that offer services just a mouse click away. We look at six graphic apps for systemd.

Professor Knopper's Lab
An experiment in removing systemd.

Chakra Linux
KDE lovers can rejoice at Chakra Linux's beautiful and functional operating system.

Container Security
A recent flurry of activity in the container space raises a number of interesting questions about security in the enterprise environment.

Programming Snapshot – Alexa
Asking Alexa only for built-in functions like the weather report gets old quickly, but with a few lines of code, you can teach this digital pet some new tricks.

Charly – XMLStarlet
Charly and XML have never been best friends; however, it was vital that he have an excellent indoor climate, so he plucked up his courage and considered XMLStarlet.

Command Line – WordGrinder
WordGrinder offers distraction-free writing; we look at how realistic that concept is in everyday use.

Gnome Flashback
Lamented by many as dead and gone, Gnome 3 fallback is still alive and kicking in Gnome Flashback.

Core Infrastructure Initiative
How does the Core Infrastructure Initiative fare three years in?

Linux Voice

This month in Linux Voice.

News with Simon Phipps
OSI approval guarantees the freedom to innovate.

Computing's Golden Age
Everything is awesome – the past is a foreign country.

Doghouse – Legacies
"maddog" ponders how our actions affect others in ways we cannot predict.

FOSS Advocacy
Learn the tricks, tips, and techniques for converting friends, family, and colleagues to free and open source software.

FAQ – TensorFlow
Welcome our new artificial intelligence overlords by tinkering with their gray matter.

Core Tech – Network Sniffers
Learn what's going on in your network using Linux and its arsenal of packet capture tools.

Sonic Visualiser 3, Latte Dock 0.5.91, Tizonia 0.7.0, HFS+ Rescue 3.3, Project: Starfighter 1.7, and more!

Tutorial – Server Security
Fear not the barbarians of cyberspace, and follow our guide to shoring up your digital defenses.

Tutorial – TkInter
Expand your Python knowledge and write GUI apps with a smattering of code, thanks to the TkInter toolkit.

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