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Issue #203: IoT at Home – Control your possessions from a mobile device

This month, we feature some cool open source tools for automating your home, including Home Assistant and the Adafruit IO API. We also explore a streaming solution based on the Raspberry Pi Zero and take a look at what's ahead for the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 release

On the DVD: openSUSE Leap 42.3 and Fedora 26 Workstation

Linux Pro Magazine #203 - Print Issue

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* Whonix – a privacy Linux tailored for the TOR network.
* Etckeeper – bring the power of a version control system to the config files of the /etc directory.
* Plus check out the Linux Voice section for a report on tiny Linux distros and a look at some popular application profiling tools.


  • LibreOffice 5.4 released
  • Red Hat to drop support for Btrfs
  • Kolab Now integrates Collabora Online
  • Endless OS, a distribution without Internet
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 RC comes with full support for Linux
  • OCI v1.0 released


Kernel News

  • Improving the kernel clock
  • New firmware mailing list?
  • Regularizing virtualization
  • Patch issues lead to RCU code freeze


Home Assistant
Home Assistant brings an open standards approach to home automation and control.

Adafruit API
The Adafruit IO API offers a convenient means for interacting with network-ready sensors and other components.

Streaming with a Pi Zero
When a much-loved stereo bites the dust, a Raspberry Pi Zero fills in.

Ubuntu 17.10
Ubuntu restarts the alphabet on the Ubuntu 17.10 release, with one small step for Wayland and one giant leap backward from the controversial Unity desktop.

The curiosity of Internet data vendors is making anonymity increasingly important. The Debian derivative Whonix offers an easy-to-install, comprehensive solution with a complete virtual work environment to protect your privacy.

Etckeeper keeps order in global configuration files and prevents problems with accidentally deleted files.

Open Hardware – Technoethical
One company’s quest for open hardware has doubled the Free Software Foundation’s list of Respects Your Freedom-certified devices.

Translate C and C++ programs to JavaScript, so you can run almost any application in the browser.

Programming Snapshot – Mileage AI
An AI program tries to identify patterns in driving behavior and make forecasts.

Charly’s Column – Timekeeping
After the idea of procuring an atomic clock failed to thrill the other members of Charly’s household, our intrepid columnist simply decided to tap into the timekeeping of a GPS satellite. In doing so, he ensured the kind of punctuality at home that only large data centers actually need. Precisely.

Command Line – crypt
If you just need to encrypt a file or two, a descendant of crypt can do the job.

This month in Linux Voice.

The Inner Source Skeptic
“Inner Source” is great in principle, but struggles without the supporting ethical structure of software freedom.

SQL Server Comes to Linux
If you can’t exterminate, assimilate.

Micro Distros: The Tiniest Linux You Can Get
Discover super-slim Linux versions that can run on (almost) anything.

FAQ – Solus
A distro with a new desktop and rolling releases.

Core Technologies – Profiling
Locate code that is slowing you down and fix it.

Doghouse – FOSS Solutions
Make a living out of helping people use Free and Open Source Software solutions.

Filmulator, PulseEffects, KeePassXC 2.2.0, Vundle, fugitive.vim, HA Bridge, hotspot, Principled BSDF (in Blender 2.79), Naev, and Yorg!

Tutorials – Apache Spark Supercomputer
Complete large processing tasks by harnessing Amazon Web Services EC2, Apache Spark, and the Apache Zeppelin data exploration tool.

Tutorials – Ranger
Stop fiddling around with the mouse or trackpad – do your file management in the terminal, with vi-like key bindings.

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