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Issue #207: Inside a Compiler

This month we take a look inside one of the most deeply complex and unfathomable tools in the programmer's toolkit: the compiler. We also compare the GCC, Clang, and MSVC compilers, with the emphasis on support for C++ standards.

On the DVD: Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon (64-bit) and Ubuntu Mate 17.10 (32-bit)

Linux Pro Magazine #207 - Print Issue

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* Ubuntu 17.10 – Ubuntu gives up the Unity desktop and returns to Gnome. How's that working out?
* Neural Network – This month's Programming Snapshot puts Python to work on a classic brain teaser.
* Check out LinuxVoice for alternative directory navigation commands and system rescue with SystemRescueCD.

* KubeCon concludes in Austin, Texas
* Dell to disable Intel's insecure IME
* Linus Torvalds' advice to security experts
* GPLv3 comes to the rescue of GPL violators
* Linux Kernel 4.14 released

Kernel News
* How to be a maintainer
* Power-up/ power-down control
* Smoothing out disk caching

How Compilers Work
Compilers translate source code into executable programs and libraries. Inside modern compiler suites, a multistage process analyzes the source code, points out errors, generates intermediate code and tables, rearranges a large amount of data, and adapts the code to the target processor.

Compilers and Standards
The fast pace of updates to the C++ standards has kept compiler builders busy. How do the most popular compilers fit with the standards and what are the differences?

LibreOffice 5.4
This last major release before the big jump to version 6 includes a number of updates, and you can now sign Writer documents with OpenPGP.

Ubuntu 17.10
Ubuntu is back to the first letter of the alphabet – and back to the Gnome desktop. You'll also find lots of new stuff in the latest release.

GUI Firewall Tools
Setting up a comprehensive firewall with netfilter and iptables is complicated. Graphic user interfaces seek to take the worries out of this demanding task.

Programming Snapshot – Neural Networks
The well-known Monty Hall game show problem can be a rewarding maiden voyage for prospective statisticians, but is it possible to teach a neural network to choose between goats and cars with a few practice sessions?

The Guetzli image optimizer by Google developers produces smaller images than JPEG while maintaining the same quality, but it requires a powerful computer with a large working memory.

Charly's Column – Smorgasbord
Charly has an electronic note box in which he collects ideas and small code snippets. He calls it his "quarry" and is taking this opportunity to offer up some collectors' items to regular readers.

Command Line – FLAC
With a little effort, you can create digital audio files with CD quality sound.

Brown Dog Gadgets is making science education more accessible and affordable with open hardware.

Rasp Pi Fox Trap
We'll show you how to use a microcontroller and a Raspberry Pi to monitor wildlife traps.

Keypads and Gamepads
The Python evdev library offers a simple way to connect input devices, even if you don't know the key bindings.

Simon Phipps
Open source is for you, yes, but it's also for unknown others.

Doghouse – Subutai
Your own personal cloud.

Audacity 2.2.0, samplv1, Spotitube, Ternimal, DriveSync, Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, and more!

bd, autojump, and Fasd
Bd, autojump, and Fasd improve the workflow for command-line aficionados thanks to quick navigation in the filesystem.

You can undo many data losses with SystemRescueCd.

Docker and Kubernetes
Docker announced that it is officially supporting the Google-sponsored Kubernetes orchestration engine.

Tutorial – FFmpeg
FFmpeg can do more than just converting and fusing videos together: it can also generate streams on the fly, which you can then use for compositing and effects.

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