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Issue #214: Systemd – Getting more from the elusive new Linux init system

The Systemd init system is here to stay. You probably know it is running on your system somewhere, but have you gotten inside and explored what you can do with it? This month we take a close look at Systemd.

On the DVD: openSUSE Leap 15.0 and Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Cinnamon Edition

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Linux Pro Magazine #214 - Print Issue

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* Facial Recognition – Snapshot columnist Mike Schilli shows how to integrate a free facial recognition library with your Python scripts.
* Bee Monitoring – Beekeepers keep watch over their hive with a Raspberry Pi.
* Check out LinuxVoice for a look at how you can participate in science with the BOINC crowd-source analysis framework.

* Honey, I shrunk Ubuntu
* Linux Mint 19 released
* Red Hat adds GPLv3 cure clause to Its codebase
* SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 released
* GitLab drops pricing after Microsoft, GitHub acquisition
* KDE Plasma 5.13 is here.

Kernel News
* New NDS32 port
* Landlock versus seccomp
* New features from Intel
* Loading and unloading security modules after bootup
* Splitting up security projects.

Arduino Creator Massimo Banzi
Arduino's cofounder describes the quest for simplicity.

Systemd Units
Systemd units use files to control resources that Systemd manages.

Systemd Timers
Systemd can start timers that automatically perform tasks at specified times.

Systemd GUIs
Graphical front ends make it easier to take full advantage of the Systemd process manager. We examine some leading tools for the KDE environment.

The lean MiyoLinux is aimed at System V lovers who aren't afraid to customize.

PDF Readers
PDF readers are easy to find in the Linux space. We tested 10 candidates, including a few fast and minimal alternatives, as well as others that offer convenience and additional features.

The CYA script helps you back up system files, which you can then restore quickly in case of an emergency.

Command Line – Bash History
You can do more with the Bash history command than just using the arrow keys. We show you some tricks with Bash history.

Charly's Column – Wildcards
The pleasure of owning a nice domain like is clouded by the requirement of an X.509 certificate for every subdomain.

Programming Snapshot – Facial Recognition
It is not just Facebook – every Linux user can extract faces from photos and assign them to real people, thanks to free libraries. We show you how.

Native Apps
The JavaScript frameworks React Native and NativeScript build a bridge between web app development and native app development.

Open Hardware – Arduino
Whether you are building your own device or customizing one, Arduino technology can function as the foundation for your open hardware project.

Monitoring Beehives
Using a Raspberry Pi and various sensors, two hobby beekeepers monitor the temperature and humidity of their hives.

This month in Linux Voice:

Doghouse – FOSS Firmware
Adopting FOSS firmware can keep your hardware out of the landfill.

Ncdu adds some GUI-like features to the classic du command.

Want to participate in the scientific revolution? BOINC lets you lend your spare computer cycles to data analysis efforts for NASA and other science institutions.

DocFetcher is a practical local search tool that is easy to configure and use – even for large data collections.

Graham looks at Cutter, Thunar 1.8.0, usbfd, Linuxbrew, Uniread, GSequencer, fkill, and more!

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