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Issue #216: .NET Core – Running Microsoft's flagship framework on Linux

Many in the Linux community don't put much trust in Microsoft, but a new guard in Redmond has been changing its ways. This month, we look at .NET Core, a piece of the .NET framework that Microsoft released under an open source license in 2014.

On the DVD: Knoppix 8.2 and Nitrux Linux 1.0.15

Linux Pro Magazine #216 - Print Issue

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* Haiku – a new beta release of this microkernel system leaves many wondering whether another open source OS has finally arrived.
* Remote pair programming – a pair of free tools could help popularize an agile technique that allows remote coders to work together on the same code.
* MakerSpace – Learn to how to build web-based controls for a Raspberry Pi sailboat.
* LinuxVoice – We study the Eqonomize personal finance app and show you how to create a homegrown program that accesses sensor data on your smart phone.

* A New Business Model for Open Source Projects
* Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Released
* Zorin OS 12.4 Released
* Debian Celebrates Its Birthday

Kernel News
* Fixing printk() Bit by Bit
* Kernel Internationalization (or Not)
* Kernel Encryption and Secure Boot

HackerOne's MÂrten Mickos
CEO of the innovative HackerOne bug-hunting service describes how the company harnesses the power of white-hat hackers around the world.

.NET Core on Linux
Python enjoys a strong foothold in the Linux space, and Go is quickly becoming a contender. Is it really worth considering an alternative language environment from former Linux-foe Microsoft? On close inspection, the open source .NET Core actually does offer some compelling features that could be worthy of attention.

The long-awaited Haiku OS beta release has arrived. This BeOS-inspired operating system may finally be ready for daily use.

Mind Maps
Mind maps are designed to help display processes and projects clearly in a graphical format. This review explores the design possibilities offered by five mind map programs.

Version Control with Git
We'll show you how to get started with the Git version control system, a powerful tool for managing software projects.

Command Line – Bulk Renaming
When it comes to renaming multiple files, the command line offers time-saving options in the form of mv, rename, and mmv.

Remote Pair Programming
Pair programming saves development costs by putting two coders to work on the same code. Visual Studio Code and tmate bring the promise of pair programming to remote workers.

Charly – grepcidr
Often it is the very simple tools that lead to the greatest success. Charly takes an IP address filter and counts the devices in his home, in addition to tripping up spammers.

Pi Network Monitoring
Monitor disk space and other parameters with SNMP, view and control Rasp Pi GPIO pins remotely with custom SNMP objects, and create web dashboards with Node-RED.

Raspberry Pi Penny Counter
Get feedback for live events with an exit survey that counts pennies.

Open Hardware – Challenges
Changes in funding, manufacturing, and technology have helped move open hardware from an idea to reality.

This month in Linux Voice.

Doghouse – Continuity
Developing an exit strategy can ensure continuity for a FOSS project.

Most accounting programs for Linux are aimed primarily at businesses. Eqonomize focuses on personal use offering a smart solution for getting a handle on your household budget.

Graham reviews Thunderbird 60, Stress-Terminal UI, Taskbook, SolveSpace, Star Ruler 2, and more!

Polo File Manager
If you expect more from a file manager than the ability to move files, Polo might be for you.

Tutorials – Cordova Sensor
A new universal standard makes it easy to create mobile applications that access your phone's sensor data.

Tutorials – Attachment Extraction
Retrieving email attachments manually can be a tedious task. We'll show you a script that fetches attachments automatically and can even save the email as a text file.

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