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Issue #219: Customize the Boot Menu – Clean up your startup for clarity and fewer mistakes

That drab default boot menu on your Linux computer isn't just boring; it also could be confusing users and obscuring important boot choices. This month we show you how to add clarity and visual appeal to the GRUB boot menu with GRUB themes and the Grub Customizer. And while we're on the subject of GRUB, check out the Command Line column this month for a closer look at GRUB 2 passwords and encryption.

On the DVD: Ubuntu 18.10 (64-bit) and Tails 3.10.1

Linux Pro Magazine #219 - Print Issue

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* Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" – Ubuntu is back on Gnome and back to normal.
* PCIe SSDs on old hardware – if you're planning on upgrading the storage on an old computer to a PCIe SSD drive, you'd better study the options before you buy.
* Makerspace – Learn how to build a heart monitor using a Raspberry Pi.
* Linux Voice – This month includes on article that explains how to convert your old analog audio and video files to digital format.

* Microsoft Gets an Open Source Web Browser
* Canonical Launches MicroK8s
* A New Raspberry Pi Board
* OpenStack Foundation Changes Name of the OpenStack Summit
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta
* System76 Announces a Line of US-Made PCs

Kernel News
* KUnit Testing Framework
* Removing the Ancient 00-INDEX Files
* Identifying Process Termination Without Polling

Linux Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman
Linux creator Linus Torvalds describes some recent challenges and opportunities for the Linux kernel – and stable branch maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman joins in with thoughts on diversity and competition.

Grub Customizer
Is the simple black and white GRUB menu causing confusion and obscuring important choices? Why not customize with GRUB themes and the Grub Customizer?

Ubuntu 18.10
Ubuntu Linux gets back to basics with the Ubuntu 18.10 release – an appealing and practical distro that isn't worried about conquering the world.

EncryptPad provides symmetric text encryption directly from the editor. You can also use EncryptPad to encrypt binary data.

A PCIe SSD can accelerate your system considerably, but you need to do your homework and choose the right product for your computer.

Programming Snapshot – goroutines
In the Go language, program parts that run simultaneously synchronize and communicate natively via channels. Mike Schilli whips up a parallel web fetcher to demonstrate the concept.

Command Line – GRUB 2
More than just a boot manager, GRUB 2 can help you add another line of protection to your security defenses.

Charly's Column – moreutils
This month, sys admin columnist Charly dumps the moreutils toolbox on his workbench and takes combine and vidir for a spin.

This month in Linux Voice

Doghouse – RISC-V
As open source software development for the RISC-V architecture moves ahead, maddog says stop complaining and start contributing to the project.

EasySSH lives up to its name and starts SSH connections at the click of a mouse.

File Conversion
The hardware to play old VHS tapes or audio cassettes is becoming more difficult to find. We'll show you how to convert those old analog treasures to digital format for future enjoyment.

Graham nearly made it through an entire month of FOSSPicks without an esoteric audio discovery. And then he found VeeSeeVSTRack.

Tutorials – Shell Scripting
You do not need to learn low-level programming languages to become a real Linux power user. Shell scripting is all you need.

Tutorials – Natron
Natron gives you the power to apply sophisticated effects to your videos.

IoT with Redis Servers
Include binary data and image files in your IoT projects with Redis, an open source, in-memory data structure store. 56 DIY Pulse Sensor A pulsemeter built with a Raspberry Pi, a digital-to-analog converter, and an optical sensor monitors your heart rate just as well as many far more expensive medical devices.

Open Hardware – Librem
5 Despite a few ups and downs in development, Purism moves ahead in its quest to produce a free and secure phone.

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