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Issue #223: Git Tricks – Version control secrets from the experts

This month we share some advanced techniques for working with the famous Git remote version control system used by open source developers.

On the DVD: FreeBSD 12.0 and ubuntu MATE 18.10

Linux Pro Magazine #223 - Print Issue

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* Desktop FreeBSD – is this highly secure and stable server operating system a worthy replacement for desktop Linux?
* Sudo Voodoo – Sudo is a popular tool that lets you change user privilege levels on the fly. We show you some tricks for making sudo more powerful and more secure.
* MakerSpace – This month includes a study of Google's Firebase cloud platform for IoT.
* Linux Voice – Check out the tutorial on Bash shell math.

* Software Freedom Conservancy Announces End to VMware Lawsuit
* Chef Goes All Open Source
* SUSE Spins off from Parent Company
* Gnome 3.32 Released
* NSA's Reverse Engineering Tool Released
* New Mirai Botnet Variant Discovered

Kernel News
* Enhancing KUnit
* Arguing over a Nonexistent Problem
* Cgroup Core Wars

The SUSE community gathered in Nashville to explore the possibilities of SUSE's newfound independence.

Git Tips and Tricks
The Git distributed version control system is a popular tool for managing open source development projects. If you know the basics of Git but are looking to learn the ways of the experts, read on for some useful Git tips and tricks.

Git GUIs
Complex Git projects sometimes require a better view of the dependencies and branches. Several tools offer GUI options for Git. We take a look at gitk, gitg, git-gui, and GitAhead.

Desktop FreeBSD
FreeBSD is a reliable and highly secure server operating system. We look at how FreeBSD fares as a desktop system.

Linux over Android
Linux desktop users can now use an estimated two million Android apps that were previously unavailable on Linux with VolksPC OS.

Sudo Voodoo
By taking the time to learn sudo's many options, you can make your system more secure.

Bash 5.0
It's a coincidence that the Linux kernel and Bash jumped to version 5.0 at about the same time. Linus assigns the numbers as he sees fit, but Bash changes its version to reflect major changes in the software. Here's what users can expect in Bash 5.0.

Setting up complex web-based services such as Drupal or Plone is never easy. Bitnami offers simplified installation with a preconfigured stack.

Charly's Column – lnav
During a long trek through the verbose syslog, really important warnings and errors are scattered along the path. Charly hires a tracker to help him search for clues: Log File Navigator.

Command Line – tail
Tail's replacements, colortail and MultiTail, offer more sophisticated control over how your information is displayed.

Gnome Remote Desktop
In Fedora 29, you can enable Wayland remote desktop access in just a few mouse clicks.

Programming Snapshot – Colly
The Colly scraper helps Go developers collect data off the web.

Open Hardware – EOMA68 Laptop
Despite challenges, hardship, and delays, the EOMA68 laptop project is set to test its first PCBs.

Google Firebase
IoT projects on the Google Firebase platform promise future expandability and enhanced features.

This month in Linux Voice.

Doghouse – Freedom Zero
The GPL's "freedom zero" can be applied to more than just open-source software.

Game Review
In Unforeseen Incidents, a deadly virus and a spooky government quarantine are the prelude to an exciting point-and-click adventure for adults.

If you need an open source alternative to the Evernote note taking tool, why not switch to Joplin?

This month Graham looks at Eureka, Bookworm, Kdenlive 19.04, KStars 3.1, digiKam 6, CRRCSim, and more!

Tutorials – Shell Math
Although Bash is not the most advanced environment for doing and visualizing math, its power will surprise you. Learn how to calculate and display your results with shell scripts.

Tutorials – OpenSCAD
OpenSCAD lets you use simple scripts to build 3D images that you can send to your 3D printer.

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