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Issue #229: The Future of Vector Graphics

Vector graphics applications like Inkscape are a popular option for creating scalable graphics. Could these tools be even better? As is often the case, the science is out in front of the mainstream. We show you some innovations that could revolutionize tomorrow's graphics apps.

On the DVD: CentOS 8.0.1905 and Arch Linux (64-bit).

Linux Pro Magazine #229 - Print Issue

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* Go Game Development – Create a gambling machine using the versatile Go programming language.
* Mediapurge – Organize your media files and eliminate duplicates.
* MakerSpace – Learn to configure a multiboot Raspberry Pi with BerryBoot.
* LinuxVoice – This month we give you an introduction to Anbox, a cool tool that lets you launch Android apps on Linux.

* The Art of PostgreSQL
* Red Hat Announces CentOS Stream
* Linus Torvalds Agrees to Kernel Lockdown
* Richard Stallman Resigns from Free Software Foundation
* Oracle Announces Autonomous Linux
* Attackers Find a New Way to Install Cryptominers
* GitLab 12.3 Brings More Security to DevOps Engineers

Kernel News
* String Handling Routines
* Speeding Up Database Workloads

A few lines of Python code are all it takes to create drawings, diagrams, illustrations, and animations with Shoebot.

Freeing Color
FreieFarbe is an association dedicated to promoting free standards for color graphics.

Next Steps in Vector Graphics
What are vector graphics and how could we make them better?

Openfire is an instant messaging and group chat server that lets users communicate with each other using the popular XMPP standard.

Data Security in AWS
As a cloud market leader, Amazon Web Services has had to put a great deal of thought into data security. Encryption options and key management play an important role.

Go Game Development
A simple simulator for a Las Vegas-style gambling machine lets you practice your Go programming.

Command Line – AVR Microcontrollers
Learn about the tools needed to work with AVR microcontrollers, including the avrdude command and the Arduino IDE.

Charly – ntpd
Charly K¸hnast, sys admin columnist for 15 years, is searching for lost microseconds.

If you have a download folder full of photos and music, Mediapurge can help you sort files and even remove duplicates, but beware of its quirks.

Programming Snapshot – Fyne
With the Fyne framework, Go offers an†easy-to-use graphical interface for all popular platforms. As a sample application, Mike uses an algorithm to†draw arrows onto images.

Oil Shell
With its innovative scripting language, Oil, the Bash-compatible Oil shell aims to make life easier for script developers.

BerryBoot BerryBoot turns your Raspberry Pi into a multiboot system, with several operating systems on a single card.

Open Hardware – TMT9 This DIY, programmable input device is a compact companion to your keyboard, with nine keys and 16 layers that can be customized for different applications and games.

Yocto is a tool for creating custom Linux images for embedded devices. We'll show you how to create a customized Linux for your Rasp Pi.

Doghouse – Updating Technical Skills
As operating systems and computer languages evolve, programmers need to keep learning new skills.

If you are looking for an application in the AppImage, Flatpak, or Snap app stores, Chob lets you perform a keyword-based search from the command line.

Anbox Android Apps on Linux
Thanks to Anbox and Snap, you can launch Android apps in a Linux virtual environment.

You can customize the Foliate ebook reader to suit your needs, with bookmarking, translation, and read aloud features.

Pencil2D, an easy-to-use painting and 2D animation program, lets you create small animations quickly. Despite the simple user interface, you might need a little help getting started.

This month, Graham explores Zrythm, Mumble 1.3, NoteKit, Kirogi, monolith, pastel, Nu Shell, PacVim, Stunt Car Racer Remake, and more!

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