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Issue #240: Create your own simple OS

Linux Magazine Celebrates 20 years!

Build a whole operating system? Seriously? Well maybe not a Linux, but if you're interested, you can implement the basic features of an experimental OS using resources available online. We'll help you get organized and take your first steps.

On the DVD: Linux Magazine 20th Anniversary Archive!

Linux Pro Magazine #240 - Print Issue

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Other highlights:
* Open Data – Graph the COVID-19 pandemic using free data in REST APIs.
* Mistborn – Use this one handy tool to secure services on your home network.
* MakerSpace – A study of the serial protocol and how to use it in DIY programming
* LinuxVoice – Check out our tutorial on creating an Inkscape extension

* Lenovo Now Offering Fedora Linux as an Option
* System76 Launches new High-End Laptop
* Mozilla Lays Off Staff, Receives More Cash
* VirtualBox Now Supports Linux Kernel 5.8
* Three Major Threats to Linux Discovered
* Linux Kernel 5.8 is Now Available

Kernel News
* A Stone So Large...
* Global Stats-Gathering Interface
* The Kernel Development Process

Building a Hobby OS
Reading and understanding the complete Linux kernel is a challenging project. A hobby kernel lets you implement standard OS features yourself in a few hundred lines of code.

Tuxedo InfinityBook S 14 v5
Are you in the market for a slim, light, and power-packed laptop? We test an upgradeable machine from Tuxedo.

Distro Walk – Governance
Whether you are a user or a developer, knowing how a distribution governs itself can help you choose a Linux distro.

Ease the process of managing Linux installations remotely with the webbased Ajenti control panel.

Command Line – diffoscope
Extend the power of diff beyond the plain text or HTML file.

Open Data
Lots of COVID-19 data is available through online REST APIs. With a little ingenuity and some open source tools, you can extract and analyze the data yourself.

Programming Snapshot – Go Geofuzzer
Mike Schilli loves his privacy. That's why he created a Go program that adds a geo-obfuscation layer to cellphone photos before they are published online.

Usql is a useful tool that lets you manage many databases from one prompt.

Mistborn bundles important Internet services on your home network and secures them with a WireGuard VPN tunnel, Pi-hole, iptables rules, and separate containers.

Charly – pwquality
Regular password changes are a thing of the past: Strong passwords for each individual service provide more protection.

Serial Communication Protocol
We explore serial communications, from the electrical specs to protocols and libraries, with an example of serial communication with an Arduino.

Control a WS2812 LED matrix with the Raspberry Pi.

Doghouse – Future of FOSS
To build the future of FOSS, we need to focus on communicating its value – especially to young people.

Muon/Snowflake lets you manage SSH access via an easy-to-use GUI with a wealth of useful functions.

This complete chat solution allows you to send messages and share files without relying on the cloud or complicated office infrastructure.

This month Graham explores Carla, digiKam 7, NoiseTorch, diskonaut, Surge 1.7, Trigger Rally, and more.

Tutorial – Tremble
Writing your own extension for the Inkscape vector graphics app opens up a whole world of possibilities.

20 Years of Linux Magazine
Editor-in-chief Joe Casad tells our enchanting 20-year story.

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