Raspberry Pi Geek #05 - Print Issue

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Home Automation

Pibrella Board: Simplify wiring with this easy Rasp Pi add-on board
MouseAir: Entertain your kitty and learn about the Raspberry Pi.
Vehicle Monitoring: A student race car team uses Rasp Pi to monitor vehicle sensors.
Music Box for Kids: Build a media player for preschool-aged kids.

On the DVD: 6 Fantastic Pi-Ready Distros

Raspberry Pi Geek #05 - Print Issue

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Table of Contents:

Mathematica on the Pi: The science world celebrated when Stephen Wolfram announced he was making this quintessential science tool available to all Raspberry Pi users.

Home Automation: An ordinary house comes to life with the help of three Raspberry Pis, four Arduinos, and Virtual Wiring.


Interview with James Adams: We talk with James Adams about the new Raspberry Pi compute module.

Mathematica on the Pi: We help you get started with Wolfram Mathematica and the powerful Wolfram language.

Pibrella: Pibrella eliminates the need for a separate breadboard, jumper wires, and basic electronic components.

Home Automation: Create a custom-built home automation system that monitors and controls about 50 different devices.


Cat Toy Launcher: In a valiant effort to entertain a black cat, our author creates a weapon of mass distraction.

Vehicle Monitoring: Use the Raspberry Pi to monitor sensor data on a race car and transmit the results through a wireless connection.

Adding a Clock: Add a real-time clock chip to your Pi.

Pi on Wind: The continuing saga of Project Curaçao, a Raspberry Pi-based weather station powered by wind and sun.

Children’s Audio Player: A Rasp Pi with a webcam and a few scripts creates a very child friendly media player.


Pi-Based Backup: With some creativity and a little scripting, you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a backup device.

Pygame Events, Input, and Sound: Pygame modules are well suited to programming highly interactive software.

Twidge Tweeter: Discover the Twidge microblogging tool on the command line.

Kid Stop:

Scratch Programming: Turtle Geometry We show how to use some simple Scratch concepts to create shapes and patterns.


Manchester Jamboree: We report on the recent Pi Jam held in Manchester.

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