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20 Cool Rasp Pi Extensions!

The open hardware movement continues to add, improve, and reinvent itself. Faster, smaller, and smarter devices appear almost daily, inspiring makers as they address ever more diverse real-world problems. In this issue, our authors share their experiences monitoring environments Ð real and virtual, controlling systems, diagnosing problems, and extending their hardware.

Raspberry Pi Geek #10 - Print Issue

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NOOBS 1.4.0

Raspberry Pi 2; Raspberry Pi turns 3; Flotilla electronics platform; Rasp Pi desktop GUI; PiJuice; Official Pi Case; WiFi dongle; RasPiO Duino; MagPi gets official

IR Remote Control
Turn a Raspberry Pi into an IR remote control for a DSLR, TV, or any other device with an IR port.

Monitoring Temperature
Retrofitting a Raspberry Pi with a cooling element does not cost much; however, does the Rasp Pi really need one?

BitScope Micro
The BitScope Micro oscilloscope and logic analyzer is a capable tool for electronics enthusiasts.

Rasp Pi Extensions
We provide an overview of 20 useful supplementary circuit boards.

Solar Power Management
Tracking the sun and monitoring data to optimize a solar power system.

Arduino Name Badge
A programmable name badge with a Steampunk theme.

Modding the Robosapien, II
Hacking a Robosapien robot, Part 2: Control many motors by adding a port expander.

Monitoring a Nest Box
A camera in a nest box lets you know how the newest hatchlings are faring.

littleBits: callBit
A call button for a bed-ridden housemate.

LED Shows
Two LED projects.

Automobile Climate Control
Create an in-dash climate control app.

SwitchDoc Labs: Logic Analyzer
Use a logic analyzer to isolate problems in your hardware setup.

Lego Projects
Lego Mindstorms NXT plus Rasp Pi equals cool projects.

Scratch: PicoBoard Sensors
A PicoBoard connects Scratch projects to the physical world.

Rasp Pi on the Space Station
We talk with Tim Peake, British ESA Astronaut, about the Raspberry Pis pegged for the International Space Station.

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