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Issue #21: Rise of the Robots – Build a Perambulating, Smartphone-controlled Robot Arm

In this issue, build a perambulating motorized robot arm, connect analog sensors to your Pi, chart aircraft in real time, and check how much your hamster really exercises.

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Raspberry Pi Geek #21 - Print Issue

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  • First 64-bit OS for Pi 3
  • LTE Connectivity
  • 3rd Generation Pi Drive
  • Pi will outsell the Commodore 64
  • Tighter Security for your Pi
  • openSUSE 42.2
    openSUSE is a Linux based, free and open source operating system sponsored by SUSE, the oldest Linux company in existence. You can now run openSUSE on your Pi. In this article you’ll learn how.

    Network Monitor and I/ O Device
    You can create Node-Red web pages to monitor network conditions like hard drive space, network and CPU loads. Node-Red can also be used to read and set Pi GPIO pins using SNMP.

    Lean Web Browsers
    Linux offers a surprisingly large number of lean web browsers which can be substituted for resource hungry ones like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Although they may appear rather austere, these browsers are nonetheless remarkably convenient to use.

    Java Web Apps with Vaadin
    The web application framework (WAP) Vaadin is a useful tool for developing high performance Java applications for the Raspberry Pi.

    Wireless Command
    We boot the Pi calling it over the radio.

    A Hamster Pedometer
    Researchers say that hamsters run four marathons per night. We decided to put that to the test.

    Tracking Airplanes
    With an inexpensive receiver and a Raspberry Pi, you can receive ADS-B transponder data in real time.

    Your Pi and Analog Data
    With a tiny chip and some software-fu you can grant the Pi the gift of analog sensing.

    The Power of IoT
    We hook a simple IoT device up to a couple of dashboards on the Internet.

    Automatic Raspbian Installations
    We show you how to create a simple shell scripts which can automate Raspbian installations on several Pis at once.

    ESP8266 and IoT
    The ESP8266 Wifi chip can be used for measurement applications. In sleep mode, this microcontroller uses less than 3.3 milliwatts and costs only 6 euros.

    SMS With The Raspberry Pi
    SMS may seem like an outdated and expensive technology, but there are certain situations in which it's useful. The Raspberry Pi can easily use texts messages.

    Motorized Robot Arm
    Use an Arduino Mega to manage a 4-motor robot arm and a 2-motor car chassis.

    Beetle Blocks 3D
    Beetle Blocks lets you move a beetle around 3D space, drawing cubes, spheres and all sorts of other shapes.

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