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Issue #22: Tools you Need – NextCloud, VPN Access Points, dstat, YaST, and much, much more...

In this issue, use RFID cards and a card reader to secure your projects, play games with a custom-made controller, set up servers with the YaST configuration tool, turn you Pi into a smart video recorder, and control your army of robots with a PSP.

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Raspberry Pi Geek #22 - Print Issue

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  • RealVNC for Free!
  • Asus Tinker Board
  • Pi Compute Module 3
  • Dride Smart Dashcam
  • NextCloud Box


openSUSE'S Almighty Yast
The almighty YaST configuration tool makes it much easier to transform your Raspberry Pi running openSUSE into a file server.

A Pi VPN Gateway
Configure your Pi to route all your network traffic through a VPN and skip regional restrictions and censorship.

Analyze Your Pi with dstat
Dstat can help you figure out why your computer is running slow and much more.

Q4Os and the Trinity Desktop
With its new Trinity desktop, Q4OS 1.8.2 will appeal both to users of older PCs, Linux newbies and fans of KDE 3.

Your Cloud is Nextcloud
NextCloud, the fork of the OwnCloud Project, brings personal cloud goodness to your Rasperry Pi.

Videoconference with Jangouts
Jangouts, an open and free drop in for Skype and Hangouts, when installed on a Raspberry Pi provides a videoconferencing solution for up to 40 users for under $50.

RFID Card Reader
Blank RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cards along with a USB-based RFID card reader can offer an easy and low cost solution for your Pi security projects.

Breakout with a Potentiometer
We put our Analog-to-Digital converter to work reading positions from an analog sensor (a potentiometer) to control a bat in a simple implementation of the classic Breakout game.

Image Back Up
Users who like to take pictures while on the go also need a mobile back up medium in order to free up space on their digital camera’s memory once its capacity is full. A Raspberry Pi is the perfect device to use as an image tank for backing up pictures.

Pi Video Recorder
The Raspberry Pi is often used as a media center with programs like OpenELEC and Kodi. The Pi can also be used as an excellent video recorder.

BH1750 Digital Light Sensor
The BH1750 digital light sensor can be used to provide information to the Raspberry Pi about ambient light levels. The output data is quickly available via the I2C-Bus. It can also be conveniently accessed from the component itself.

STM32 Development with Cubemx
The diverse family of STM32 chips from STMicroelectronics are based on a 32 bit ARM processor core. The chips are economical, energy efficient, and suitable for a large variety of projects. This article examines how the STM32 has developed, particularly under Linux.

Detecting Oxygen
We hook up a simple IoT device that detects the concentration of oxygen and push the data to online dashboards so anyone can monitor it.

Temperature Data on the ESP8266
We use the ESP8266 chip to gather temperature data from a sensor and then forward it via REST to a Raspberry Pi, where it’s stored in a database.

PSP Control
We create a micro web server on an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi, and then use a PSP web browser to control an airboat.

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