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Issue #264: Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning remains shrouded in mystery even though it is now an integral part of our everyday world. This month we look behind the curtain at some popular techniques for supervised and unsupervised learning.

On the DVD: Debian 11.5 Bullseye and Rocky Linux 9.0 Minimal

Linux Pro Magazine #264 - Print Issue

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* Fedora 37 Beta Available
* Salix 15.0 Available
* Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS Release Now Available
* MX Linux 21.2 Offers Improvements and Bug Fixes
* Gnome Project Releases New Telemetry Data Collection Tool
* Kubuntu Focus Announces New Desktop Model
* SparkyLinux Now Available

Kernel News
* Mysterious Alignments in the Kernel
* Discovery and Invention

Machine Learning
"I won't make this mistake again," you promise yourself. In other words, you'll learn from experience. Computers can do that, too. We'll introduce you to the fundamental forms of machine learning.

AI and Language
Whether through voice assistants, chatbots, or the automatic analysis of documents, rapid developments in AI are helping speech technologies make inroads. But how does AI manage to understand the subtleties of human language?

Unsupervised Learning
The most tedious part of supervised machine learning is providing sufficient supervision. If you're short on time and expertise, try unsupervised learning instead.

Distro Walk – Rocky Linux
We interview Brian Clemens, Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation project manager.

Linux Android Backup
Linux Android Backup offers an open source solution to the problem of backing up your Android devices.

Command Line – Alternative Unix Commands
If you are looking for modern display options or more speed at the command line, these alternatives to traditional Unix commands may be just what you need.

Programming Snapshot – Go Photo Tagger
In honor of the 25th anniversary of his Programming Snapshot column, Mike Schilli revisits an old problem andĀ solves it with Go instead of Perl.

SSH Front Ends
Bring remote management into focus with these graphical front ends for SSH.

Bluetooth Communication
We use a Raspberry Pi, a Pi Pico, and a smartphone to communicate over Bluetooth.

Clean Code Principles
Clean code principles can improve the readability of your source code, making life easier for both you and your users.

Doghouse – Portability and Costs
Choosing the right server computing solution for your company, and minimizing CPU overhead from the start, can help lower costs and maximize portability over time.

Fancy an adventure? Travel to the futuristic planet Atys, where many exciting missions await.

Seafile 9
This open source file storage tool is more than a match for Nextcloud and ownCloud.

This month Graham looks at Furnace, Node-RED 3, Exquisite, corrscope, darktable, Overgrowth, and more!

Tutorial – iTunes XML
Read and manipulate data from your iTunes XML to share music metadata between applications and across devices.

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