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Issue #1.02: Mobile Drupal

This issue discusses all things about building Drupal Mobile sites and using Drupal from Mobile devices.

Drupal Watchdog 1.02 (#2) - Print Issue

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What Does Mobile Mean?
"Mobile" is all the rage these days, as are the calls for Drupal to be more mobile friendly... whatever that means. Mobile is actually short-hand for many different changes that Drupal needs to embrace.

Drupal Installation Profiles
A short overview of Drupal Installation Profiles.

Hooked On Security
One of Drupal's strengths has always been its strong access control system, and in Drupal 7 it just got stronger. Let's have a look at some of the changes to the node access system that make fine-grained access easier than ever.

Drupal Mobile Website Development Book Available
This article is a review of James Pearce's new book, "Professional Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal", published by Wrox. Even though the book is CMS-neutral among those three leading CMSs, my article looks at it from the perspective of Drupal. I provide a synopsis and overview of the book as a whole, and also focus on the two Drupal-specific chapters, to give the reader a sense of the suitability of the technical information and recommendations as resources for Drupal developers and themers who wish to create mobile-ready websites.

Workbench: Content Management with a Short Learning Curve
Workbench is a suite of Drupal modules which helps content administrators do their jobs. The goal of this article is to introduce people to using Workbench to manage content and to ease training and support for a Drupal site.

Why A Duck?
Say goodbye to the Node Reference and User Reference modules, meet the Drupal 7 Relation module.

Finding Our Path In The Mobile Wild
The current revolution in site building makes us reconsider everything we know about web design.

Responsive Web Design
It’s 2011, and the world is going mobile. People don’t just use their desktop computer or laptop anymore to visit the sites you build. They’re coming at you with smartphones, tablets, TV screens, and who knows what they’ll bring next year. With all this device switching going on, one of the questions that site builders ask themselves: how can we keep up catering for all these different devices?

The Drupal Mobile Process
The process used, and lessons learned about mobile application development from the team that built the Chicago DrupalCon mobile iPhone and Android app.

Big Performance Wins On The Front End
The article discusses front end performance, it's importance including highlights on mobile devices, points to some helpful tools, and ends with 4 practical tips anyone can apply to their website.

Stacking Up Drupal
Clicking together a Drupal site is easy. Building a streamlined, powerful Drupal site takes a bit more work. Understanding how Drupal approaches content is important to architecting a site properly. Fortunately, the Drupal stack is fairly straightforward.

Writing Drupal 7 Modules
Get a jump-start on writing Drupal 7 modules in PHP. Use this tutorial to create a fully functional module leveraging common APIs in Drupal's framework.

PSD to Drupal 7 Theme
Part 1 was included in the first issue, this is the follow-up / wrap-up article.

The Farmischt Freelancer
This issue deals with the challenges of project management when facing Drupal sites and the Agile approach.

Contributing 101
Not sure how to start contributing? Don't have enough time? Developers and non-developers alike can improve Drupal in many ways. Here are some tips on how to get involved with contributing as a company or an individual.

How to Create New Features in Views 3

Drupal In Context
Is Drupal ready for mobile devices of the future? Will it be able to handle body-centered input and output? Tom Geller predicts the shape of tomorrow's mobile devices and discusses how Drupal will need to change to be ready for them.

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