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Issue #202: Power Management

If you work from a laptop or other portable device, extending the time between charges is a great way to improve your productivity. The Linux environment includes several utilities that will help you configure and monitor the system's power consumption settings. This month we focus on tools for power management.

On the DVD: Debian 9 "Stretch" (32-bit Live) and Tails 3 (64-bit live)

Linux Pro Magazine #202 - Print Issue

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* Amahi – This hearty home server system lets you turn your old computer into a file server, streaming server, or network backup target.
* JavaScript Alternatives – If you like JavaScript but you're looking for a language with fewer issues, try CoffeeScript, Dart, Elm, or TrueScript.
* Plus this month's Linux Voice includes articles on ELF executables, network scanning, Apache Spark, and more.


  • GitHub announces Open Source Friday program
  • System76 announces its own distro, Pop!_OS
  • Linus Torvalds talks about his motivation
  • Debian 9 stretches its wings
  • Serious Stack Clash bug affects Linux†systems

Kernel News

  • Identifying the oldest compatible GCC versions
  • Identifying the oldest compatible Make versions
  • Creating mount contexts


Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth
We sat down with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder and CEO of Canonical, to talk about the future of Ubuntu and the company.

openSUSE Conference 2017
Some highlights of this annual openSUSE community event.

ACPI Tools
Useful command-line tools leverage the ACPI power management framework to display detailed data on the status of a laptop battery.

Power Management Tools
Several tools help you analyze the power consumption of hardware components.

Document Management
Document management systems help you avoid drowning in a flood of letters, email messages, and PDF documents.

This innovative system lets you set up a multipurpose home server.

JavaScript Alternatives
JavaScript is a powerful language, but it comes with some historical ballast. Four alternative scripting languages off a different approach.

Charly's Column: libcoap
Charly purchased a smart lighting system that he has now automated with a Linux PC.

Programming Snapshot – Driving Data
An app and a programmable API collect data from a connector plugged into the diagnostic port of a car and create stunning visualizations of speed, acceleration, and fuel economy.

Open Hardware – Turbot
The Foundation offers an open source single-board computer that is fast enough for professional use, but accessible for all user levels.

Command Line – Googler
With a few customizations, Googler plus a text-based browser offers faster, more accurate searching than a traditional web browser.

The lean PhotoQt tries to join the ranks of modern image viewers, but it's still not very stable.

This month in Linux Voice:

Butter, Triangulation, and Data Protection
Data protection laws are not just about keeping personal information safe; they are also about stopping the derivation of personal insights from seemingly harmless information.

Downside of Free Software
Free software isn't free, and we'll all end up paying.

Delve into ELF Binary Magic
Discover what goes on inside executable files, how to reverse-engineer them, and how to make them as small as possible.

FAQ – Flathub
A distro-agnostic software repository.

Core Technologies – Network Scanning
Network scanning may carry a negative connotation, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't look for weak spots in your network.

Calibre 3.0, WereSync 1.0b, COLMAP 3.1, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.20, and much more!

Doghouse – Problem Solving
How you approach a problem goes a long way toward success in code development.

Tutorials – Apache Spark
Churn through lots of data with cluster computing on Apache's Spark platform.

Tutorials – CherryTree
Work smarter and faster using this hierarchical note-taking app that's packed with features for power users.

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