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Issue #231: Tiling – Speed up your desktop experience with Regolith and the i3 tiling window manager

Are tiling window managers still relevant for today's desktop? This month we explore the possibilities of the tiling paradigm with a modern Linux built for tiling.

On the DVD: MX Linux MX-19 (64-bit) and Zorin OS 15 Core (64-bit)

Linux Pro Magazine #231 - Print Issue

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* Cryptomator – A free tool for encrypting cloud data.
* Unison – Access your files from anywhere with SSH and this popular sync tool.
* MakerSpace – Build your own security camera with a Raspberry Pi and motionEyeOS.
* LinuxVoice – We look at the Kube communication and collaboration client.

* elementary OS 5.1 Has Arrived
* Linux Kernel 5.4 Released
* System76 to Design and Build Laptops In-House
* The PinePhone Preorder Has Arrived
* SUSE Adds SUSE Linux Enterprise to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Kernel News
* When to Break the ABI
* Status of vboxsf

Interview – The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin
As the Linux Foundation approaches its 20th anniversary, we sit down to talk with executive director Jim Zemlin about how the nonprofit has expanded its mandate.

Regolith and i3
Many Linux veterans think tiling is the best way to organize windows on the desktop. We explore the possibilities with the i3 tiling window manager and Regolith – an Ubuntu-based Linux built for tiling.

Gnome Builder
This integrated development environment for Gnome offers several features gedit lacks.

GNU Stow
Stow helps you manage custom configuration files across multiple users and computers.

This cool tool lets you encrypt your data locally before uploading to the cloud.

Command Line – zip
If you use file compression regularly, zip belongs in your Linux toolbox.

Charly's Column – Telegram API
Charly doesn't want to be out when a package of goodies arrives at his front door. When the courier rings, the Telegram API sends a notification to his mobile phone.

With the guiscrcpy graphical user interface and the scrcpy command-line tool, you can control your smartphone from the comfort of your Linux desktop.

Programming Snapshot – Go
Terminal UI for Docker With a monitoring system implemented in Go, Mike Schilli displays the Docker containers that have been launched and closed on his system.

Sync your directories across multiple computers with Unison and SSH.

Set up a professional video surveillance system armed with motionEyeOS and a Raspberry Pi.

Open Hardware – Crowdfunding
With the Librem 5 as a cautionary tale, Bruce ponders the risks of backing crowdfunding campaigns.

Python Turtles
Create a bulb and tube analog thermometer with a Raspberry Pi and Python Turtle graphics.

Doghouse – Older Architectures
Maddog considers the joys of recreating ancient computers and learning about programming within these older architectures.

CubeSat Workshop
The CubeSat community gathered in Athens, Greece to explore the possibilities for open hardware and open source software in space.

Unite your email, contact lists, calendar, and other online communications in one sleek modern package.

Geeqie lets you view and sort image collections. The tool supports numerous formats, reads metadata, and even displays the image location on a map.

Graham explores glChAoS.P, Polar, RawTherapee, Gifcurry, Open Surge, and much more!

Tutorials – Mastodon
Creating a custom application that toots text to Mastodon (the Fediverse's version of Twitter) is easy, and you can mix it up by adding images and video.

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