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Issue #245: Choose a Shell

You're never stuck with the same old command shell – unless you want to be. This month we review some of the leading alternatives.

Arch linux 2021.02.01 and MX Linux mx-19.3

Linux Pro Magazine #245 - Print Issue

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Other highlights:
* Boop – This scriptable digital notepad lets you keep your conversions local.
* Converting Images to Text – Tricky tools for text as a medium for your art.
* MakerSpace – Build a minimal Raspberry Pi OS from source.
* LinuxVoice – New (and old) protocols that just might save the Internet.

* Elementary OS Offers Multi-Touch Gesture Support
* Sudo Patch for Decade-Old Flaw
* Slimbook Titan: Another New Linux Laptop
* Golang Worm Targeting Linux Servers
* Fileless Malware Attacks Linux Systems 11 Kernel News
* Saving the World, One Graphics Card at a Time
* How to Train Your Kernel Developer

Kernel News
* No More Worlds to Conquer?
* Saving the World, One Graphics Card at a Time
* How to Train Your Kernel Developer

Shell Shopping
Don't let your familiarity with the Bash shell stop you from exploring other options. We take a look at a pair of alternatives that are easy to install and easy to use: Zsh and fish.

Distro Walk – Manjaro Linux
Standing on the shoulders of Arch Linux, Manjaro offers simplicity and stability.

This digital scratchpad lets you convert data from your desktop instead of exposing it to sketchy online tools.

Charly – gping and Nextinspace
Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Charly has time to devote to gadgets like graphical ping tools, flashing space stations, and space walks.

Converting Images to Text
If you need to display an image in the terminal or as plain HTML, a variety of smart tools can help with the conversion.

Command Line – Mutt
Mutt, a command-line email client, can do anything a desktop client can with less overhead and a smaller attack surface.

ELK Stack Workshop
ELK Stack is a powerful monitoring system known for efficient log management and versatile visualization. This hands-on workshop will help you take your first steps.

Xubuntu Dell Notebook
Combining a Dell notebook with Xubuntu and an M.2 SSD makes for a reasonably priced, high-performance system for all your 3D printing projects.

Programming Snapshot – Go Mazes
Mike Schilli uses his Go programming skills to create a maze and then efficiently travel through it.

Keyboardio Atreus
A first for laptops, Keyboardio Atreus offers an ergonomic, portable keyboard with customizable key programming.

The detLFS project provides an ideal foundation for compiling Linux from source code.

ioBroker + Rasp Pi
Control devices from different home automation manufacturers using a single interface.

Doghouse – Economics
An affordable open source POS/ERP system has many potential benefits for small businesses.

The Rise of the Small Internet
The danger and irritations of the modern web have unleashed a movement dedicated to creating a safer and simpler alternative.

Font Manager
Find the font you're looking for and compare font options side by side.

This month Graham reviews PeaZip, LibreSprite, NeoChat, Beaker, Giada, Thrive, Kurve, and much more!

Tutorial – ugrep
Searching for text in files or data streams is a common and important function. Ugrep tackles this task quickly, efficiently, and even interactively if needed.

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