Linux Pro Magazine 2009 - Digital Issue Archive

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This Digital Issue Archive consists of all twelve Linux Pro Magazine issues published in 2009: ideal for researching, looking up information or reading a particular article one more time.

Add issues #98 to #109 (Jan to Dec 2009) to your digital access account now! You'll be able to download a PDF of every issue as often, and wherever you want.

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Linux Pro Magazine 2009 - Digital Issue Archive

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What you get in this Digital Issue Archive:

Linux Pro Magazine #98 "Virtual Admin" (Digital PDF Version):
So you already know about Xen – what now? Do you have the tools you need to stay ahead of your virtual environment? This month we explore some expert apps for deploying and managing virtual networks. We'll explain how MLN lets you set up virtual machines with a few easy commands, you'll learn how to create your own virtual appliances with VMware Studio and SUSE Studio, and we'll tell you how to build high-performance virtual clusters with Rocks.

Linux Pro Magazine #99 "Voip Security" (Digital PDF Version):
This month we investigate expert techniques for securing your VoIP and wireless networks. We describe how to use one-time passwords to add two-factor authentication to a website, and we look at security testing with hping. Other articles dig into Puppy Linux, Minux 3, Zenity and KDialog, Offline FS, spam blacklists, NFS 3, the Cell architecture, Celtx authoring software, and Firefox extensions.

Linux Pro Magazine #100 "Kernel Hacks" (Digital PDF Version):
In honor of our 100th issue, we focus on tools for tuning and tailoring the Linux kernel. We'll show you some useful performance tuning tricks, tips for building and upgrading the Linux kernel, and how to improve audio and video performance by compiling your own media-optimized kernel with the help of free source code. Other articles look at media centers, filtering content with Squid, deploying Debian with Fully Automatic Installation, and much more. Also, we present the 2009 Open Source horoscope!

Linux Pro Magazine #101 "Network Management" (Digital PDF Version):
This month we examine some popular open source tools for deploying, configuring, updating, and monitoring software and systems on the network. The tools in this issue are great for enterprise and small-scale networks. We examine Cfengine 3, Bcfg2, and Zenoss. Other articles in this issue look at netbook-friendly Linux distros, Honeynet, Jokosher, JClic, Osmo PIM, Ratproxy, Dnsmasq, Chaos Communication Congress, command-line tools, reviews, news, and more.

Linux Pro Magazine #102 "Java & .NET" (Digital PDF Version):
This month we look at the Java and .NET frameworks in Linux. We start with DotGNU and Mod_Mono, then we round up some Java Virtual Machine tools to show you how to monitor a Java application server with Hyperic HQ.
Other articles in this issue examine GIMP 2.6, FreeIPA, Multicast IP, Fsniper, Zim, Chandler, Agedu, WebHTB, NicTool, Samba4Wins, and more.

Linux Pro Magazine #103 "Tuning Virtual Machines" (Digital PDF Version):
The server space is changing, and if you plan on taking up residence in the new data center, you better have your toolkit ready. This month we explore some techniques for fitting in with data center environments.
We take a closer look at the fundamental challenge of improving performance in a virtual environment, and we examine some programming techniques that take advantage of cloud computing’s scalability and flexibility. Learn about the PelicanHPC Live CD, which helps you transform your mild-mannered desktop network into a number-crunching super computer, and find out about NagVis, the Nagios add-on that lets you create custom maps to visualize your network.

Linux Pro Magazine #104 "Device Tricks" (Digital PDF Version):
Linux is getting much better at handling devices. This month we examine some recent developments in driver management and explore a few interesting innovations from the mysterious region where the system meets the hardware.

Linux Pro Magazine #105 "Integration" (Digital PDF Version):
Windows Integration: Heterogeneous environments pose special problems. This month we present some tools to help you navigate the troubled waters of interoperability, including Ulteo OVD, a QEMU virtualization tool, and Samba.

Linux Pro Magazine #106 "Stopping Intruders" (Digital PDF Version):
Understanding intrusion techniques is half the battle. The other half is having the right tools. This month we study some popular attack methods and show you some tools for spotting and stopping break ins.

Linux Pro Magazine #107 "Speed Up Your Web Server" (Digital PDF Version):
Are your customers tapping their pencils? In today's competitive web environment, milliseconds make a difference. This month we explore some options for leaner and faster websites – with or without Apache.

Linux Pro Magazine #108 "Optimizing RAID Arrays" (Digital PDF Version):
Sheer power alone doesn't guarantee better performance. The more you ask of your systems, the more you'll need these strategies to optimize and improve performance.

Linux Pro Magazine #109 "Access Linux from a Smartphone" (Digital PDF Version):
Portable and Mobile: Whether you tote a camera, a GPS device, a smartphone, or a netbook, you want to be functional outside the home and office. This month we study some Linux tools for portable and mobile environments

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