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Issue #238: Speed Up Your System – Hot tweaks for a faster Linux

Your Linux experience goes more smoothly if your system is running at peak performance. This month we focus on some timely tuning techniques, including the kernel's new Pressure Stall Information (PSI) feature.

On the DVD: openSUSE 15.2 and Bodhi Linux 5.1

Linux Pro Magazine #238 - Print Issue

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* Jitsi – A reliable solution for open source video conferencing
* Repology – This useful web app serves as a universal search engine for Linux packages.
* MakerSpace – We get ready for Halloween.
* LinuxVoice – New insights on marketing Linux.

* Purism Launches a Mini PC
* openSUSE Leap 15.2 Adds AI and Machine Learning
* Google's Nearby Sharing Could Work with Linux
* System76 Launches Ryzen-Powered Laptop
* Fedora 33 Desktop Defaults to Btrfs
* SUSE Acquires Rancher Labs

Kernel News
* Improving Memory Management
* Simplifying(ish) the Kernel Build System
* Detecting Firmware Crashes

Interview – Dr. Gerald Pfeifer
It's been a rough couple of years for the German-based SUSE and its flagship open source project, openSUSE. Linux Magazine talks to Dr. Gerald Pfeifer about where openSUSE is going and its relationship to SUSE.

Pressure Stall Information (PSI) is a new feature that gives users a better view of resource contention.

Shell scripts are often written for simplicity rather than efficiency. A closer look at the processes can lead to easy optimization.

Performance Tweaks
If you are looking for ways to speed up your Linux, consider this collection of curated performance tweaks.

Distro Walk: Documentation Support
Contrary to popular belief, free software does offer support. Depending on the distro, this support can be found in a wide range of documentation formats.

Command Line – Navigation
For decades, cd has been a Linux workhorse, but modern drives sometimes call for more efficient navigation tools. Read on for some command-line navigation alternatives.

Jitsi offers an open source solution for building and deploying online videoconferences.

The Repology web app provides up-todate information on software archives, versions, package maintainers, and more.

Lunchbox Portable Pi
A lunchbox-style portable Raspberry Pi computer provides external control for a steampunk robotic skull.

Halloween Vending Machine
A Halloween vending machine frightens visitors, but the braver ones receive a chocolate reward.

Doghouse – IoT and Resource
Consumption IoT does require electricity and other resources, but is that cause for concern?

Social Proof
Linux keeps getting better, but the improvements never seem to have an effect on desktop market share. If we really want to reach unfamiliar users, maybe we need a different approach?

Asciinema lets you record events at the command line and publish the resulting terminal movie on the web.

This month Graham previews PACE, liquidctl, Celestia, Ardour 6.0, Kotatogram, QElectroTech , Gorched, and more.

Collabora and OnlyOffice
Small businesses and organizations can benefit from products that expand on basic office suites to support collaborative work.

Tutorial – UltraScreen
An open source screen sharing tool that works well over the Internet.

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