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The Future of Linux: Linux is trailblazing when it comes to innovating in the IT world. Every new Internet service, every AI running on multi-node clusters, every new way people work and play together is Linux-based. There is even more to come. We peek into the future and uncover what is coming to a computer near you.

Editorial: The big news of the season is Microsoft cuddling up to Linux. But, how sincere is all this love really?

New in Ubuntu 16.04
There are quite a few changes in the new Ubuntu. We take a closer look at this new LTS version.

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Ubuntu User #29 - Digital Issue

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From Catch-up to Leader
For a while, it looked as though GNU/​Linux was playing catch up to proprietary software. Now the tables have turned.

Multiple Distros with Bedrock
Bedrock combines virtually any number of distributions with different architectures, package management, and init systems, all under one filesystem.

Innovation in the Linux Environment
Testers constantly encounter new trends in the experimental branches of Linux distributions. We look at who drives Linux forward and how the future is shaping up.

Clear Linux: A Distro for Intel Processors
Clear Linux offers a cloud operating system optimized for the Intel architecture that also acts as an innovative container system.

RebeccaBlackOS with Wayland
The Wayland display server protocol will soon replace X11. It is easy to see how far development has progressed by looking at the Debian-based RebeccaBlackOS.

Testing Void Linux
Many of the slim distributions available for older computers are primarily intended for beginners. Users who want to use new technologies on old, single-core processors and are not fazed by command lines should take look at Void Linux.

Remastering Script for Ubuntu
Pinguy Builder gives you a simple way to create images of preconfigured installations as a backup or for distribution to your circle of friends.

Fine-tuning Latex Documents
Proofreading, wordsmithing, and finalizing the layout are all steps in the final editing phase of a document. LaTeX and a few additional tools can help you master these steps.

SQLiteStudio lets you complete everyday tasks relating to SQLite databases quickly and easily.

Pyspread – The Python-based Spreadsheet
You can find plenty of spreadsheets offering a multitude of features. The Python-based Pyspread demonstrates that a sophisticated spreadsheet application can be newcomer-friendly.

A Perfect Unity Adapted to You
With a few tools, you can adjust the Ubuntu Unity desktop exactly to your liking.

Seven Video Editing Apps
We test seven free video editing programs to see how they compare. Candidates include Cinelerra, Flowblade, Kdenlive, Kino, Lightworks, LiVES, and Shotcut.

Edit videos with Pitivi and Openshot
Making a video clip using your smartphone is easy. The video editing programs Pitivi and OpenShot let you put together a film out of individual clips.

Animated Simulations with Stellarium
Light pollution and cloud coverage often obscure views of the night sky and stars. Enter Stellarium for the PC; this free, open source program can make even distant galaxies visible to the user.

Discovery Guide

Installing Ubuntu 16,04
We help you get started by walking you through the process of upgrading or installing the latest Ubuntu release with step-by-step instructions.

Network and Updates
Learn how to use Ubuntu's  NetworkManager to access your WiFi and download updates.

Package Management
Ubuntu's Software app lets you install just about anything. Discover the program that will open up a universe of free software.

You can configure your Ubuntu system to support movies, music, and Internet telephony. Learn all about some favorite multimedia apps and games.

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