Ubuntu User #30 - Digital Issue

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Issue #30: Your Cloud – Set Up Your Very Own Online Storage

Love your Cloud: Despite the fact you should be wary of corporate-based cloud services, there is really no reason you should not enjoy the convenience the cloud has to offer. In this issue you will learn how to set up and secure your own cloud service, using of-the-shelf hardware and your home Internet connection.

Its Linux's 25th birthday and issue 30 of Ubuntu User! Time to reminisce.

The All-time Archive DVD is only available with the print edition.

Ubuntu User #30 - Digital Issue

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Editorial: Its Linux's 25th birthday and issue 30 of Ubuntu User! Time to reminisce.

Meizu Pro 5 – Ubuntu Edition
We take Meizu's new Ubuntu-equipped powerphone for a ride and see how it fares.

Run Your Own Cloud
Putting stuff in the cloud is nice and convenient; that is, if you don't mind having your privacy constantly put in jeopardy. There is, however, a way of having the best of both worlds.

Setup and Installation of Owncloud 9
ownCloud makes it possible to operate a private cloud on an intranet of almost any size. All you need is a standard LAMP environment, which comes with almost every Linux server.

Pydio: a Free Cloud Solution
Most cloud solutions for small networks are based on ownCloud or, less frequently, Seafile. Pydio is the third open source product trying to gain a foothold as a cloud solution. Installing Nextcloud Nextcloud, a fork of ownCloud, aims to create a better balance between the company and its community. We look at how to get Nextcloud up and running.

Flatpaks & Snaps
These package systems have names that make them sound like candy bars, but they could revolutionize software installation as we know it.

The Parrot Security OS
The latest release of Parrot Security OS has some extremely colorful plumage, which will appeal to both hackers and lay users interested in their systems' safety.

Finding Dynamic IP Addresses
What are the IP addresses for your router, laptop, and coffee maker? Clever Linux tools come to the rescue to help you get this information.

Bleeding Edge KDE with Neon, Argon & Krypton
There are often long delays before the customary distributions deliver new KDE versions. KDE and openSUSE now offer images for enthusiasts that have the most current KDE packages.

Video Effects and Compositing with Natron
Elaborate video compositing, blue screen tricks, and other complex video effects are normally only available in high-priced proprietary programs. Natron is open source, free, and gives expensive alternatives a run for their money.

3D Games in Linux
When it comes to gaming, most people think Linux is not up to par. Current 3D games with and without Steam support show that this is no longer the case.

An Accessible Keyboard for your Desktop
Dasher users learn to "type" smoothly without a keyboard. The program works with mouse, touchpad, mouth and eye movement, and (soon) brain-computer interfaces.

Repair Images with Resynthesizer and G'Mic
If you want to remove areas from a motif inconspicuously, then plugins like Resynthesizer and G'MIC can help by providing the right tools.

Discovery Guide

Installing Ubuntu 16.04
We help you get started by walking you through the process of upgrading or installing the latest Ubuntu release with step-by-step instructions.

Network and Updates
Learn how to use Ubuntu's NetworkManager to access your WiFi and download updates.

Package Management
Ubuntu's Software app lets you install just about anything. Discover the program that will open up a universe of free software.

You can configure your Ubuntu system to support movies, music, and Internet telephony. Learn all about some favorite multimedia apps and games.

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